Donations of fanart, wallpapers, fanfiction, music videos, and icons are extremely welcome. In fact, if you have anything at all you'd love to send, I beg you to do so. =) I'll host everything on this site, although if you'd prefer me to direct-link to files on your own server, please let me know.

1) All submissions must feature Dana Scully or Gillian Anderson. However, works do NOT need to focus solely on Scully or Anderson. Pairings (for example, Mulder/Scully or Doggett/Scully) and groups (e.g., all agents) are welcome and encouraged. Any and all pairings (or lack of pairings) are accepted.

2) I'll credit all works with your name, e-mail address, and URL, so please include the contact information you wish to be listed on this site.

3) Please submit images as jpeg, gif, or png files, attached to the e-mail. You may also submit links to where I can download your images. If your fanart has a title, you may include that as well; otherwise, I'll just give a subject description or use the file name for alt tags.

4) Please submit fanfics as .txt or .html files, attached to the e-mail. Again, you may instead give links from which I can download your fics myself. If your fanfic headers don't already contain the following information, please include them in the e-mail: Title, Rating, Category, and Spoiler Warnings. (A summary is optional.)

5) If you have any other type of file (like a video file), please e-mail me a URL where I can directly download the file.

6) Only submit your own creations.

7) Please e-mail your submissions to with "Scully Site Submission" as your subject.

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